What person do you hate the most right now?

I've got one as a new development, my mother in law. Ok last week today I got married in a court. It was not planned this way and we are having a real wedding. I was stupid and got our marriage license early such that it expires the day before our planned wedding. So, shit, I figure why not do it now so we can file taxes jointly.

So we go around to the parents (mine, her mom and new boyfriend, her ex step father who raised her, and her biological father) and discuss the situation individually. We decide to just have parents at the court room since we are still having the real wedding and this is a formality because I'm stupid.

Ok fast forward to last week. We get an appointment finally and my wife's mother refuses to tell us if she can make it or not (so we could reschedule if needed) till the night before. So I'm passed out and wake to a call at 11pm from my wife telling me to text everyone the location because she's at work and they are blowing up her phone rather than calling me. So I do so and make sure to tell them to call me if they have any questions. My wife gets home and gets a text from her mother. The woman is bringing her boyfriend, both her boyfriends kids, her new baby, and both her parents. Naturally were kinda irked because we specifically asked for this not to happen.

Here's where I make a tiny mistake that throws our lives into chaos. I'm at work and stewing. This is not the first time she has just decided that she can do what she likes. She basically coerced my wife into the wedding that she wanted us to have. So I decide that now we take a stand and send her a text informing her of how we felt and that it was going to be short so she should consider not inviting everyone if they were not already invited. This takes one minute. I put my phone back and return to work, feeling good about the use of my break time. 20 minutes later I get a text from my wife confused as to what happened and upset. So I bail early on work and run home to see her just in tears, 3 hours before our wedding. (Though unofficial it was supposed to be super special for us at the very least). I find out that her mother called and lost her shit about me. Just would t listen angry frothing at the mouth. Tried to convince her not to marry me. This was over a text I might add. We manage to figure it all out and get her to come. The whole time she ignored us both and then left.

Next day, we learn more info. She went to her whole crazy family and showed them the text and got them on board to try to break up our relationship and stop the marriage. This didn't work, obviously, so we get a call from her boyfriend at like 9pm Sunday. (The second day of our married lives, though we have been living as a married couple for 2 years and own a house together with 4 cats) he tells us she is in the ER because she was crying and refusing to eat. Basically hysterics. This is not even the second time she has done this to my wife to ensure she gets her way. Dave (her boyfriend) began blaming me. Saying it was my fault, oh and by the way, I'm also at fault that he missed a putting with his kids, and some job meetings caring for this cunt. Then he begins threatening me about the money they have put into our wedding and demands it back. (Like I give a shit about your 600 bucks.) so I tell him "fuck it, when do you want your money back?" And I take the next day off of work to deliver his money.

So now half my wife's family hates me. And I mean HATES me our wedding didn't go as planned were both stressed and I enter a downward spiral due to my untreated depression. (This has been taken care of and I'm starting meds and therapy now).

Goddamnit, I cannot wait till the 18th of next month so my wife and I can go to Hawaii for our week long honeymoon vacation. Her mother did a lot of intentional things to harm our relationship and a lot of emotional attacks via her hysterics (she's too damned old for this shit, she needs serious help and cannot use it as an excuse.) My wife says she won't apologize and things will be weird because she's waiting for us to grovel to her. This is the first time my wife has ever stood up against her mother when she does these things. So mother in law might not be around much for the next couple years...her loss. But damn. I fucking hate that birch and her whole crazy family. But I love my wife so much that I don't care that I'm stuck with them forever. We'll always make it work.

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