What real event in your life , had it happened in a book or movie, would be obvious foreshadowing?

Had a best friend in high school. Odd one out. Had friends, but didn't fit in. Seemed more relaxed around her brother's friends than her own. Very physical, loved rock climbing. Her friends were very girly, but she wasn't at all.

Years later I find out he's actually a dude.

It explained so. fucking. much.

I hope he is happy as his new self. I haven't spoken to him in years, and my feelings about the whole thing are unimportant, but when I heard I thought, "yes. This feels right."

Also, I'm not transgender, but somehow just about everyone I fucking know turns out to be - even people I haven't spoken to in years - , so I wouldn't be surprised if I turned out to be at some point. Hasn't happened yet, but it makes more sense than being a cis person who somehow keeps meeting people who later come out. I know more trans people than cis people now, seriously.

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