What‘s a game that has mixed or poor reviews that you fell in love with?

1) If you want to consider 7/10 as mixed or poor reviews go ahead, that doesn't make it right though.

2) If you consider Metacritics as a legitimate source for reviews go ahead, that doesn't make it right though.

3) If you want to feel special for liking a New PS4 Exclusive IP with Millions of Dollars behind it (much more than any average non-exclusive game in fact) then go ahead. Feel free to feel special..

It's actually disgusting how Dasy Gone has created this Cult on the Internet of people feeling proud, special empowered for liking it and try to motivate others to like it too.

B*tch the game is probably one of the Top 5 most visually impressive games as of 2019 , I don't need you to tell me to like it.

The fact that a bunch of "Pro Reviewers" preemptively trash talked the game before even coming out and labeled it "Just another Zombie game" and the fact that you got on board with this idea, doesn't make the game bad or you special for liking it

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