What’s the most spoiled kid you’ve ever come across?

Late to the party, but I’ve got one. My sibling is the most irresponsible, spoiled little prick. I was the abused scapegoat of the family. He is the Golden Child. He has never been held accountable for his actions and his parents constantly pick up the pieces of his mistakes. In no particular order he:

— Has destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vehicles and machinery. Cars, trucks, SUVs, sleds, ATVS, bikes, lawn mowers, tractors; anything with a motor or that’s meant to move. All of them have been wrecked (and repaired countless times until they’re totalled beyond salvation) because of him being reckless and stupid, but it is never his fault. He is constantly furious at somebody for either A) expecting money from him for his thousands of dollars worth of damage, B) trying to tell him that these “accidents” are entirely his fault and avoidable, or C) refusing to give him anymore money after he’s bled them dry. 99.9% of the time, his parents pay to fix any and everything. If they can’t do it, he’ll berated and manipulate his wealthy grandparents into it.

— Frequently taunts and antagonizes the local PD. The speeding tickets they give him are never his fault, his distracted driving tickets are just them “targeting” him, the illegal modifications to his vehicles (when they’re running) are just the cops being “dicks”, and he is constantly trying to “evade” them when they try to stop him.

— He refuses to wear protected when with a woman. I know this, because he won’t shut up about it. Every woman he sleeps with is some “crazy whore”, and he demands they get an abortion if he gets them pregnant. He thinks it’s funny.

— On the note of not wearing protection, when it did bite him in the ass, he made his MOM call to book him a doctors appointment to get tested for chlamydia. He was 21. He still lived at home. And he actually called me to bitch that she didn’t do it in a timely fashion. She also picked up and paid for his chlamydia meds.

— Back to vehicles, he firmly believes that the entire world owes him a mode of transportation. He was gifted a car when he got his license. He trashed it in a month or so. Second, reliable, relatively new car was offered as a gift. That wasn’t “good enough”, so he spent weeks throwing a hissy fit until his parents bought him the car that he wanted. It was a junker that died in a few days because he absolutely bagged it and it was a write off when he bought it. He never paid to fix a single repair, but always had money to “trick it out” with lights and shit. When that car died for good, he called me and demanded my car. He was 19, living at home, paying absolutely nothing in living expenses, and had disposable income (when he could keep a job down). His parents offered to drive him too and from work, but that wasn’t good enough. He wanted my only car, that was in a city several hours away, that my husband, child and I relied on, that I had been maintaining and paying for for several years at that point. His reasoning? “You inherited it, and I wasn’t old enough to get it when -relative- died so it’s not fair! I should get it now!” He also expected me to pay for it while he drove it. A tantrum was thrown when I vehemently refused. It’s been a few years since, and he’s gone through no less than six vehicles in this exact same process.

— Called everyone to tell them that his grandmother was a “Bitch” and a “Cunt” when she refused to buy him -specific vehicle number five in less than three years-. She wasn’t saying no to a vehicle, just no to the exact one he wanted. She was upset because his dad screwed the paperwork to stick her with the last vehicle she financed for him after he totalled it.

— He got the vehicle he wanted as mentioned above. It wasn’t running last I spoke to him months ago.

— He CANNOT hold down a job because it is “unfair” that employers expect him to work a scheduled shift. If he can’t come and go as he pleases, that’s the employers fault, not his. His “skillets” are “valuable”, and the employers should just be happy he’s working for them at all. Fun fact: he’s shit at 90% of the things he thinks he can do. Mummy and daddy just tell him he’s wonderful.

— Last I heard of him, he was still living at home off of his parents without a job or any accountability. He’s in his twenties and refuses to move out; instead screaming at his mother for not serving him properly while trying to out-Alpha-male his dad at any and every opportunity.

I could do on for days about him, but it’s just pathetic. Absolute scum, that one.

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