What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older?

Ahh, Memories.

My mom would light up a cigarette and leave a different one on the edge of furniture in each room, leaving little burn marks on the wood.

I remember lifting mom's arm from the elbow up while she slept during the day. I could flop her hand over her wrist back and forth, back and forth and she would not wake up.

The manual transmission ford explorer was left in neutral several times on our hilly driveway and my sister and I both wound up at the bottom of the hill several times in the car when mom forgot something inside.

Going to other states to see doctors because the doctors in our state would not "help" my mom get medication after my dad lost his license. Medical license.

Finding out waaay after the fact that I was running presciptions and money filled envelopes to the mailbox for people to pick up and bring my parents prescription drugs. Dad was an MD.

That the weird vehicles on our street were investigators.

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