What is something that MOST adults can do, but you, for whatever reason, cannot pull off?

A few general tips for anyone: 1. Improve yourself constantly, but don’t talk about it. Exercise, eat better but also dress better and take care of your hair!! The people around you will notice and people who’ve never noticed you will. 2. Just be friendly, let them make the first romantic move. If you’re having a tough time dating it’s a lot more about quantity over quality, just at the beginning!! Use every mini friendship or relationship as practice and to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. 3. Speaking of practice, use dating apps!!!! You’re not looking for love, but they’re such a fantastic way to get your feet wet and hell maybe even laid too. It doesn’t matter if you never meet someone from an app, this is just a great tool for you to practice flirting with people who are there to do exactly that. Lastly 4. Rejection happens. A lot. The best thing you can do is get over that fear, even if you don’t get over it ever. Understanding that the pain of rejection is 90% before the rejection ever happens is key. Keep yourself loose and friendly, you won’t catch feelings and the pain of rejection will never really set in. It’s scary, but just remember getting rejected only means you’re back where you started and you can try again!

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