What is the stupidest way you almost died?

Was drinking Four Loko with friends and family up at our cabin a couple years ago. Our cabin was right next to a river but a couple hundred feet higher with a steep cliff in between.

We were sitting around a campfire near the cliff drinking and having a good time. I ended up drinking 3 cans of Loko over a couple hours and got really messed up. Someone came up with the bright idea of playing a game of bat spin. The goal was to spin around 10 times, then run to the cabin, up some steps, and ring the dinner bell.

My brother did it first. He fell down a few times but made it up there rather easily. Then one of my buddies tried and he made it up without falling once.

Next up was me. I grab the bat and start spinning. Round and round I go, but I start losing by balance after only a few spins. I get really dizzy and stagger out of my spin and start stumbling the wrong way toward the cliff. I tried to grab onto a tree to stop, but I was later told the tree I was trying to grab was at least 15 feet to my right.

So I end up going over the cliff head first. I'm going head over feet over and over like a gymnast down this cliff while passing by trees and rocks that are littered all over. I continue this roll for about 100ft or so before coming to a compete stop and am sitting upright. I remember looking around after stopping, trying to figure out what just happened and saying "what the fuck!?".

Besides a few cut from branches and smaller rocks I came out just fine. If it weren't for my body being limp from drunkenness and the positioning of where I fell and how my body rolled I could have easily have been paralyzed or killed.

That was the last night I ever drank Four Loko.


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