What is the stupidest way you've injured yourself?

i had a spoon stabbed into my foot, and i stuck my hand in a beehive.

both were definitely stupid, but i guess i can explain myself haha. the spoon was half buried in the ground and my friend said, "hey try and bend this!" he probably meant to go for a running kick but my stupid ass jumped on the thing instead. went about an inch into my heel, through my shoe. yes, the 'spoon' part was what was buried, and the other side of the spoon was pointed.

and the beehive was built in an abandoned bird's nest, so it just looked like a bird's nest from below to me. i was about 10 and decided to stick my hand in and search for eggs without looking, stung about 20 times.

both of these sound stupid at first but i guess they make a tiny bit more sense when i explain them.

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