What is the stupidest way you've injured yourself?

In my early teens, I got on a chair, slipper in hand. I jumped and swang with great vengeance and furious anger at a fly in my room... I overswang, completely missed and hit myself in the nutsack for the first time ever. While I was airborne, obviously missed my landing, yelled, and was completely oblivious to any other pains from falling, as I went into the fetal position, I tried to smooth the pain and the mere act of touching it, made my body blossom open with more pain. I've broken bones, got hit by a car while I was riding bike and fell directly on my knee, and still nothing compares to that day.

Keeping that in mind, I never made a full swing at insects again. I'm now in my late 40's, and about 2 years ago, after showering I stood on the ledge of my bathtub to get a gnat, I got him but I was still a lil wet and I slipped hit my shoulder on the toilet, and bruised my hip. Took 2 days to shrug that off. Thinking about it now, a fly will land on my tombstone and have no idea, who lies below it.

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