What is the "Thing we don't talk about" in your family?

When my father and mother were together he molested her 14 year old cousin twice (he was 22). She stayed with him ( they had me and my brother and my other brother was in the womb.) Then he went on to molest me when I was two. It was when we lived in South Carolina and when it happened she packed us up and moved back up north. She would have had to go back to SC for court but she has me and my two brothers and couldn’t afford it. He had supervised visitation for a long time but that was it. I found this all out when my mom told me at 16 and then never talked about it again. My dad denies it all and just blames my mom for being a “crazy ex” that was just mad he wanted to leave her. When I was in high school my mom lost her marbles and I was homeless. At 19 I moved in with my dad with no where to go and he emotional abused me to the point I tried to kill myself. Needless to say the scumbag is no longer in my life. But my brothers don’t believe it, ignores it all and no one talks about it to this day.

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