What is the ultimate move that your D&D party pulled off that you really shouldn’t have?

We had one last night. The craziest shit we ever pulled.

There we were, trapped in the Kruthik tunnels. The floor above us had collapsed dropping us into a large dimly lit cavern. We were surrounded. I cast fireball, then Shatter and Shatter again but nothing worked. We were flanked on all sides by 20 monsters and the brood mother of them all. We were going to die.

The party of underpowered fools stood discussing a way out of their predicament but try as they might, nothing would work. In desperation, we listed off the contents of our packs. Thousands in gold, an immovable rod, 2 pearls of force, a magical sword of vengeance, some torches, Fireball, Leomand's Tiny Hut, a few health potions. Nothing was going to get us out alive. We were going to die.

"But wait, cast Leomand's," said the paladin.

"In combat? Impossible! It takes a minute to cast. You'd have to protect me for 10 rounds and if one enemy hits me, my sword will compel me to attack to the death," said the bard.

"Why don't we use the pearls of force on ourselves," asked the ranger.

"And cause ourselves extra damage? What good would that do? It only holds us inside for a min...ute".

As the brood mother screeched and struck, the ranger threw the Pearl. 2 of our party fell unconscious but the bard remained, casting Leomand's Tiny Hut as fast as she could. But there was a problem. There were enemies within the casting radius. 4 too many remained and the spell would fail with over 9 inhabitants. The party set to work. We were less likely to die.

13, then 12, then 10 enemies remained. The final round before the dome would spring into place and weather or not it would fail would be decided. 2Hp left. The ranger struck........ And missed. the party had one roll between them and certain death. 18! 3 damage. The monster fell and died. Leomand's had been successfully cast in combat and we made to a long rest. All of our spell slots restored. We were not going to die.

Upon the end of the 8th hour, the hut faded out of existence and the queen was nowhere to be seen. Chitinous clattering could be heard through the walls of the cavern. A handful of the brood tunneled in, trapped with us. Snicker snack They were dead. And we weren't.

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