What will you never tell your kids you did when you were younger?

I will have no problem with telling them details of my life that many people would be hesitant to share with their kids. The sex, drugs and rock and roll, as long as it's done responsibly is ok. There is one story though that I'm not too proud of, and really would not be comfortable sharing.

I went to Thailand, and the first night there as my friends and I were walking back to the hotel, i started to lag behind. A lady of the night appeared out of an alley, and started talking to me, grabbing my hands, etc. We had been drinking pretty heavily, and I was an easy target, as she shoved my hands down her pants and up her shirt. Like an idiot I followed her back to her alley bar, where she proceeded to feed me "free" drinks in the company of 2/3 other equally drunk dudes, and about 20 women. She started challenging me to drinking races, sitting on my lap, kissing my neck, etc. I'm fairly certain she was really drinking, and my drinks were a hell of a lot stronger than hers.

Before I went all I heard from family was, "WATCH OUT FOR THE AIDS". THEY ALL HAVE AIDS DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID!

So then she starts making out with me, and another girl comes up and starts to try and get me to go with her, so she could make the easy money. I don't remember much at this point, but somehow girl #2 calls out girl #1 as being HIV positive, or AIDS positive or something, i don't know. I FREAK out. In my dumb drunk brain, I start to think, holy shit, you can get aids from saliva! And I just made out with this chick, I'm going to die! My life is ruined!

I start bawling at this back alley bar in the middle of thailand, and am all alone and don't know where my hotel is. AIDS girl somehow knows where it is, so I get walked back to my hotel, bawling my eyes out, holding hands with a thai hooker with AIDS. She definitely thought I was going to bring her back to my room, but thankfully security was there, and I couldn't find my room either, so I told them I didn't want her to come back with me, and they didn't let her in. I continued to cry in the elevator with the security guard, and I'm pretty sure he was absolutely disgusted with my drunk ass.

that's a story I won't be telling my kids.

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