"Watch out for a Creepy Dude walking a pit-bull on Nahant beach looking for dogs for his pit-bull to practice kill." No description of Creepy Dude given, or asked for; was it assumed? or not needed? (NP link do not vote or participate)

Here is the text, in case the douchebag deletes it because of the NP link. Just see how much attention to detail is given, while still avoiding any mention of the Race of the Creepy Dude.

This was shared from a friend of a friend on FB:


So, I've gone back and forth with this one, but I have decided that it is important to post this. I was walking Nahant beach (between Tides and the rotary) yesterday. I was with my dog, Simon, a Golden Retriever. We were met at the halfway house (a bath house near the half way point on the beach) by a man who was with a young female Pit Bull. The man seemed quite harmless at first, and Simon is a big fan of Pit Bulls. The dogs were playing for a few minutes, and really enjoying their time together, when something started to freak me out about this man. He had a leather leash, and he seemed a bit focused on it. I am normally not someone who would be freaked out by an innocent fidgety behavior, but there seemed to be something wrong - and as I realized that, I also realized that I was at the mid point on an empty beach.

This eerie feeling I got prompted me to take my cell phone out of my pocket. I began texting so that it was apparent that my whereabouts were known, and that I had a phone to call for help, if needed. I distanced myself by about 6 feet (he was closer to the walk way, I was closer to the water) - while our dogs were still playing. I thought, I would have no where to run if this guy actually tried to attack me - no where but to the walk way - and guess where he was parked?

This was my final - get the hell out of here - moment; He began talking about how his friend has a 'game' dog. I asked, sort of innocently, because, I was beginning to see the full picture...'So, meaning - a fighting dog?' and he replied with a nod. I asked him if, when he goes to visit his friend's dog 'games', does he see dogs dying? He replied, 'Yes, it's almost always the case that a dog will lose his life in a dog fight'. I had my phone in my hand at this time, I was feeling like I was behaving in a paranoid fashion, even still, with all of this information to absorb. That is when he completely stopped walking. I asked him if he was parked at Tides or by the rotary, and he told me that his car was parked right by the halfway point.

I believe that the reason he had no intention of walking the beach, was that he was scouting for bait dogs. I think that when he saw me pull out my phone, he was aware that I was aware - he backed off soon after. There are several things that really hit me about this, he asked quite a few questions about my dog - whether he was fixed, how old, how much did he weigh. He was parked in the middle of the beach parking lot. There would be no way for anyone to escape the beach. Anyone would have run directly to the walk way - to the parking lot - where his car was parked. Finally, he had a baby pit, an 8 month old female. When I asked her name, he replied 'would you believe, her name is Cookie?' Great name if you're looking to attract the ears of another dog.

I just wanted to make all of you dog owners aware, this was a man scouting for bait dogs. The beach is a seemingly safe place to walk, but when it is empty, there are plenty of opportunities to take away our beloved companions. Please be on the look out. This was something that I believe was a calculated attempt to take an easy going pet, and to use him as bait.

I have notified the state police and the local police in Nahant


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