What will be the "turns out cigarettes are bad for us" of our generation?

The belief that the Inuit people have lower heart disease has been proven false. That came from self-reported data from the 1950's. As it turns out, they have significantly higher rates of heart disease than the rest of the world.

Fish, shellfish, and eggs are healthier in comparison to farmed meat products like beef. But they are a far cry from healthy, being loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol (of which our bodies require no outside source of). Not to mention the high levels of mercury and other contaminants.

Protein deficiencies? You mean the 100g of protein we're being told to eat every day - by people trying to sell you protein? A healthy adult male requires around 30g of protein a day. There are many vegan athletes out there who would put that argument to shame, myself included.

You can be vitamin and nutrient deficient on any diet if you don't know how to eat. For exampe, the countries with the highest calcium intake also have the highest rates of osteoporosis (a disease of calcium deficiency). Why? Because of all the animal protein they ingest - it's acidic, and our body neutralizes the acidity with our calcium stores.

We are also finding new plant sources of whole proteins - quinoa is a great example. But again, a balanced diet will easily provide for the essential amino acids we currently take from meat.

You're right, diet and nutrition are incredibly complex, and we're barely scratching the surface even now. But as I've stated, the current research is actually very clear about the effects of an animal-based diet vs a meat-based diet. I invite you to watch any of a number of recent documentaries that attempt to make this information accessible to the lay person; better yet, pick up a copy of the latest edition of The China Study. A lot of your last comment is misconception, and I get that. We're challenging a system very firmly in place, with a lot of money at stake. But if you actually care about or have interest in your health, do the real research.

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