What will your parents never understand/realize about you?

That at this point I am doing my best to disconnect, and it's because I'm simply disgusted with how me and my sister were raised. Looking back, I can't understand how they claimed to love us. And now my dad's got this weird fetish for acting out and staying out late and making long trips out of town (and hosting racist, sexist memes on his desktop screensaver, guess whose dad happily voted for Individual 1) while their bank account continues to dwindle and car continues to go unrepaired. It's like they never matured past 22 or something, and now that I'm on the other side of that, I realize how fucked up I am (and how fucked my current situation feels) because they truly didn't try. One working parent, a household filled to the brim with hoarder shit and literal bags of trash, an obsession with weed and hine shipping networks, loss of health coverage and no attempt to replace, stealing from their own kid's college fund because they lost said health coverage... I could go on

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