What is the worst app you've bought for your smartphone?

While I was looking for a job, I came in contact with a friend of a relative who has been trying to become a game developer for years and years (at least 20 I believe). Talking to him he was a very nice person but obviously had some (relatively minor) social problems. He had also been stuck in various job-related "help-programs" for god knows how long and perhaps that had broken him somewhat. Anyway he had been approved for a relatively generous start-up (1500$ I think) in order to finish (that was the terms) a game and release it on the Play Store, so he had a little team of friends, of 5 in total I believe, and they needed a second graphics designer, something I like to do on the side.

Talking to him there was little doubt he lacked a general sense of realism in this area. He seemed to think his company could grow to a mass-team, multi-genre, multi-platform company with like a dozen teams releasing 2-3 games a year in a short span of time. His scope was just unreal considering his current position. "Team A releases a few games, with the money earned we start up more teams, they release games and we keep growing. I expect us to have 100-200 employees in a few years", that sort of rambling. I am a bit too easy to become involved so I kept in touch but at the same time I was offered a short-term job that left me very little free time and energy so I couldn't work with them on it, even freelance.

So things became quiet after a couple of weeks of occassional email correspondence and out of nowhere I get a message from my relative asking me to purchase the game (just half a dollar, so no big deal) and it was pretty much exactly what I had expected, if they ever released anything at all... A freshman college-project level game with almost no mechanics other than collecting points while avoiding enemies that bounced around like a windows screensaver text. I was asked to give feedback, which I did. Think I somehow managed to give almost a full a4 worth of feedback (my own college education had a large focus on giving/taking feedback) despite how simplistic and meh it was. I gave the feedback to relay since the feedback would be relayed through my relative. The response was also pretty much college-level... or actually even less so. He was obviously unable to take (constructive!) criticism and feedback, waving most of it off as "things we already know and will add or fix at some point". Needless to say it now sits at around 5 downloads months later, and I'd wager 4 of those where family and friends.

I suppose that, for a toddler it'd be a decent time waster on mom's tablet... but nothing more than that. It never received the updates that he mentioned and I have no idea how his situation is now. Poor guy.

Not going to link the game for doxxing/personal info reasons. He was very careful with personal info, hell he was careful with his representative info, and I'm not going to take that risk.

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