/r/smashbros State of the Sub - March 2015 - Let's discuss how to make the sub a better place!

Okay, so... do it one week a month then. I did say that before I said "Text-Only Tuesday" in my post.

I admire your tenacity, but:

What do you think the mission statement of the sub should be? From above, my personal goal for the sub is to make /r/smashbros the best place on the planet to talk about Smash Bros.

Reddit's format will always, always limit this. You can't have a 150k subscriber subreddit with relatively few restrictions that is magically the best place for content on 4.5 main Smash games (3DS counts as .5), PM, occasional content for Super Smash Flash and Brawl- and Melee SD Remix, GIFs, vids, discussion on all levels and kinds of play from extremely casual to super-pro with both "what's your favorite item" and "let's dissect what "stage control" means practically," questions, answers, technical problem discussions, single-player modes, news, art, music, jokes, memes, "here's my feelings on x" threads, Twitter links, Whose Line, Rant/Rage, even more that I'm not thinking of right now. That just doesn't work very well.

Right now on this sub we've seen a massive deficit of meaningful discussion. With all the other content that is much more easily posted (not easily made, in all cases--some of the content creators in the community are amazing right now, but I'm talking more about Twitter posts, people linking old GIFs and vids, etc.) and also much more easily consumed and responded to, it's very nearly impossible to do. This is exacerbated by many people really only being interested in specific games. On the rare occasion that someone is somehow able to get "real" discussion started about something that isn't a Twitter witch hunt, probably at least half of the sub isn't interested in whatever game it's for.

The current model does not work achieve your mission statement. Very large changes will need to be made to even pretend to achieve your mission statement. And even then it's going to be extremely hard because of how Reddit works and how implausible it is to get all of that content always available and treated fairly in one single central hub without any branching forums of any kind whatsoever.

I was only half-suggesting the Text-Only thing as one possible solution that I saw missing from your solutions. After having thought this through more, I'm honestly ready to push that idea a bit. To be frank, none of your proposed solutions seem to me to go far enough--they'll trim some of the clutter and the garbage but it'll still be extremely hard to get discussion rolling (and god forbid if you relax the art and Smash 4 GIF restrictions, which I would guess would hinder the opportunity for discussion more than your proposed solutions would help it). What you'll have is a marginally more professional version of the same subreddit with the same proportions of content.

Text-Only shenanigans aren't the only big changes you could do, but there need to be big changes if you want to make any progress on that mission statement. I mean no offense, but I would never have guessed that the mission statement of any member of the moderating staff was to somehow include everything under the sun. I rather thought you'd all decided to relegate meaningful discussion to other Smash-related subs.

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