What's the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Mine died 9 months after he married her and a month after he was forced from his mobile home after she connived to get him to stop paying rent over a contrived argument over a dead cat, or something. It was all very strange, but she basically liquidated everything she could. She couldn't liquidate his mobile home since it was also in my name, so she did the next thing: she got him to stop paying rent - pocketed the money and a month after they were forced out, he's dead. Apparently it was a week after he was forced out that he presented at the emrgency room with the symptoms which led to his dead from liver damage.

She had prepared for this as well, by attempting to jacket me as "stalking" her (since I had done background checks uncovering some really strange and shady stuff that I don't understand to this day) and after unsuccsseful attempts at also jacketing me as an "elder abuser." My pops was the closest famly I had and I was devastated by his loss and our estrangement but I understand his point of view as well. If i had it to do differently, I would have kept my mouth shut about her until after she did it. Anyway. c'est la vie as they say. I never wanted his stuff. It's not like I have any use for it. I have a few random things - and the debt he left me (that too is a long story haha)

Fuck parents. I hope I'm not like that in my old age.

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