What's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

I am very hesitant to talk about this, but my husband stood up for me in front of the family member who abused and stalked me as a child. It was very simple--my husband refused to shake the family member's hand when offered, and ignored continued attempts (we were attending a family event, and while I try to avoid this family member, sometimes it isn't entirely possible)--but it meant more to me to see that than almost anything else. I have waited years for my parents to stand up against this family member in front of me, instead of trying to sweep everything under the rug and keep it quiet, so to see someone I love so much immediately take my side without any hesitation feels so validating I almost can't put it fully into words. It was the first time I fully felt like I didn't do anything to deserve what was done to me. My husband thinks it was just a simple gesture and takes it just at face value--but it was so much more than that.

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