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ive been putting in some decent time talking to this cute girl i work with over the last couple years. texting, snapchat, hanging out outside of work on a few occasions. she's almost of age to go to bars so i figured once that happens, id be able to try an official date or what not.

this past year though, we got a new guy working with us. little taller and stronger than I, so intimidating, but I still thought I had the upper hand on comedy, personality, and time put in.

last night, i saw a snap of them together at a hockey game, in a way that strongly suggest somethings there and he's gone father than I. meanwhile, i text her 2 days ago asking to do something and got no response.

i admit defeat and wish them BOL but it's still a pretty disheartening feeling to know the last 2 years, all the progress i thought ive made was nothing. especially since i did the same thing with a girl for 4 years in college. (based on those last 2 sentences, you might think im just a clinger guy and there was nothing ever there to begin with, but thats not the case, there was definitely mutual interest showed at somepoint with both girls)

either way, it just sucks to know i need to move on and find someone else, when it could likely just keep going the same way as the last 2.

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