What's the worst bathroom experience you've ever had?

I had to take a shit at target when I was younger and being that I was young I was scared of disabled people. A dad and his disabled son who couldn't speak and was in a wheelchair went until the restroom. The dad says to the son that he'll be right back. So it's just me in the stall and this kid in the middle of the bathroom. All of a sudden he starts loudly screaming at the top of his lungs and would not stop. I'm terrified and at this point praying that nothing bad would happen. Finally I finish up and wash my hands as I turn around and I notice the kid is staring into my soul. We make eye contact, I get scared, and I quickly shuffle out. Looking back now Idk why I was so scared it's not like he could've attacked me or anything, but I was young so that's probably why I got scared.

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