Women are human and can behave badly, but this is not the place to post grievances. Posts designed to generalize female behaviour, imply that we overreact, that we make life hard for men, or that we are the cause of our own problems undermine the subreddit.

I know the thread is slowing down, but I think I can help a little. I believe the problem has arisen because I feel many men probably subscribe the this sub with the understanding that maybe they dont understand the sensibilities or concerns of women, and this sub sort of helps a guy get in touch with that side of his self. I joined the subreddit for the reason. Now the problem, which was pointed out before in askreddit, is that men and women have different agendas. What we see when we read something similar to what we have dealt with, like when one of the women from twox makes a post about a friend who is pressuring a guy too much, well we see the parallels for what some of us have had to deal with. What I saw in that post was some thoughtful empathy and I figured she was mainly just reminding girls. I havent seen too many of these posts, yet you are absolutely right when it comes to that one, it just became a festival of men expressing their concerns and what they jave been through, because thats sort of how we deal with things. However, women dont want the solution, they just want to be able to have the expression and know this sub is listening. Now, when you have men coming into twox to try and learn sensitivity towards women, it creates of problem of more men responding and female issues not being addressed. It is very shitty and when I read your post I felt horrible because I am definitely one of the guys who might be encouraging tjis stimatism and I apologize, but the one thing /r/twoxchromosomes needs to remember as well as on the internet, there really isnt a whole lot of exclusivity on things like reddit. If you join you get access to pretty much everything the site has to offer. Again, I am sorry you feel this way, and I think just for this I am going to unsubscribe from twox so I dont involve myself in such shameless overbearance by men of a subreddit created for women.

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