What's your opinion that nobody asked for?

Because of retaliation... Its common sense but I guess you dont understand that.

Riiight, cause the company sabotaging its competitors wouldn't think to protect itself first. Step 1 initial success, step 2 hire security, step 3 take out competition, Step 4 intimidate and threaten anyone who tries to challenge (because there's no gov to stop them) Step 5 raise prices as high as you want

Its hopelessly naive to think that the government stops it all from happening and that they arent a major reason why corporations are so powerful.

The government is the only reason it's not far worse than it is. The more corporate money there is in government, the less fair the playing field is. Take government out of the mix and it's just pure corporations vying for power, which they'll be much more effective at amassing without government controls.

Based off history

"They did a bad thing before, so I know they did a bad thing now, even though I have no proof". So... conspiracy theories, gotcha.

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