[Game Thread] Clemson @ NC State (12:00 PM ET)

To be fair, you didnt mention what kind of cheese at all. As a former chef and current food purchaser I can help you with this. You have a ton of options:

You can puss out completely and get one of those small packets of grated parm that comes with a gross spaghetti and meatball meal.

You could go completely overboard and eat a 5 pound bag of mozzarella or cheddar that you can get on the bottom shelf of the shitty cheese section at any grocery store. I don't recommend this because pre-grated cheese like that is frequently coated in corn starch or another anti-caking ingredient. There are smaller bags there as well.

You best bet is to go to the deli department (or close to it) and pick up a good quality cheese and grate it yourself. Find something you will want to eat once, but perhaps never again, because if you do get sick you dont want to associate it with a cheese you'll want again.

If it were me, I'd grab a block of parmesan, butter, and milk (or cream). Make an alfredo sauce and eat it with shrimp/chicken and pasta, or stuffed shells, lasagna, pasta roll ups, manicotti. That alfredo sauce can hold a ton of grated parm. Dont add salt to anything else in the dish.

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