What's your unexplained story? Could be anything, paranormal, aliens, or just freaky encounters?

I asked a friend who had spoken at length about her experiences with paranormal perception and astral projection if she would mind me subjecting her to a scientific test of her abilities. She said she couldn't promise anything but agreed.

This was her first visit to my house. I left her in my room and told her I would write something and put it on the fridge. I came back after making certain there was no way for her to follow me or otherwise see into the kitchen. She went into her meditative state, and when she came out she asked me if I had drawn something. I said no, I had written something. She tried again, came back out, and said she only saw drawings. I asked her to keep trying, but she gave up. I pressed her and asked if she saw anything else besides drawings. She stopped for a minute and said that she thought she might have seen the letter "E" , but as if it had been written over twice. I took her into the kitchen

On the freezer door were stick figure drawings that my other roommates had done. She pointed to them and said that this is what she kept seeing. (She had not been in this room prior to the experiment.) I showed her what I had written.

It was my own name, but when I went to go write it, the pen had been vertical so the ink was not flowing properly, and I had to re-write the first letter.

My name begins with an E.

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