when you become good you become evil and when you become evil you become good

I want to be a male escort but when you are in a country where it feels like you are being watched and controlled, it's quite difficult. I don't care if people see my dick or ass but the main problem is that we are all living under a militant regime that takes their job a little too seriously.

I am not religious or anything but I want to do what I love forever and ever but it seems that the system we are in is designed so that we don't do what we love doing forever. There is someone out there that wants to regulate both and apparently have a life(whatever this means) by reproducing which I don't have any intention on doing but I just want to fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck like no tomorrow.

What kind of a BS country has this militant approach to the human body? No one holds hands, kisses in public anymore. We have become robots and slaves to the corporations and governments that run the world.

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