When did you know you were too drunk?

I woke up on the couch with a scratch on my heel and hazy memories of taking a few tequila shots with a few friends after being comfortably drunk on whiskey.

Tried a sample of tequila at a liquor depot a few months later and the taste brought back all the memories simultaneously.

Chasing someone that was naked and yelling down the street in a quiet ocean town while they were smoking a joint.

Watching a TV show and constantly making fun of it because I couldn’t take it seriously. Neither did anyone else.

Sharing a cig with a friend even though I didn’t smoke.

Watching a few homies shotgun beers in the grass. One puked up foam and gave up.

One of the dudes I didn’t know getting creepy with one of my friends and then him storming off to a different room. (He went back after I passed out and he ended up non-consensually spooning her for the night while she was passed out. He got hell from everyone in the morning.)

I then swore off tequila as I don’t like the taste and memories of being too wavy are kept as silent barely remembered memories.

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