When someone gets physical angry at someone for dying... Thats when i leave the fireteam...

Probably the biggest plague of online gaming is the Frustrated Manchild. (Really boring story inbound just skip to the tldr)

A few days ago I wanted to have a blast at Crota to see if I could get a helmet or chest to drop. I find a group on LFG quite fast, and get invited.

It's going well for the start of the first attempt. However, he designates this one kid (And I do mean kid, he only sounded about 13 or so) to be on boomer duty. Now this kid is calling out boomers when they come and pretty much doing his part as well as I've seen, but there's only one of him and one of the boomers is always getting a shot off before he can dispatch 'em. This has next to no effect on the group as it doesn't hit us, but man...

The host just lays into this kid, who is now apologizing repeatedly and saying it won't happen again. The host saying things like "Look I have to fucking eat dinner man and you're ruining this group, if you keep this up I will kick you"

Everyone else is silent, I feel like I'm about to just leave so I don't have to hear it but decide to continue.

Fast forward a little bit and Crota's on about a third of his health. The swordbearer jumps onto the platform as Crota goes down, but as he does, the sword-knight jumps down from the boomer tower and one hits the swordbearer. This was just really bad luck and happened in the space of about 3 seconds, but of course, the host lays into this kid and another one of the players (I don't even know why) telling them it was their job to kill that knight.

Having heard enough, I was about to leave but first I flick my mic on and tell the group I'm leaving because of the party leader and that I recommend they all do the same, they don't need to be yelled at.

I then get called a 'fucking yankee' by the party leader, (I'm actually British, so I'm unsure what his intent was) and he asks me what I mean. I tell him he needs to settle down, it's just a game, and then he tells me I shouldn't have even joined. I tell him he shouldn't act like such a bastard to his group because they've done nothing wrong at all, and aren't bad players. I then leave the game.

I look on LFG for my next group and get a message on Xbox. I thought it was going to be a straggler talking shit, but it was one of the group I'd left saying "Thanks for sticking up to that prick". It was really nice, I hope at least that guy left and found a new group.

tldr; Fast Times at Hellmouth High

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