Where do you draw the line at taking in packages for neighbours?

So you think, but what you think it says is negative things about my character. Impatience, judgmentalism, short-sightedness - whatever it is you think you're seeing.

You are not seeing my character, you are seeing my reaction to the topic of this discussion.

You said earlier you don't give a fuck, but you were lying. If you weren't lying, you'd recognise this for what it is.

I - really my dude, I don't know what you're doing, I'm replying to you cos I have just got off work with nothing better to do - really genuinely don't give a fuck. Not one.

You might as well be arguing with a wall.

And the fact you're only just starting to clock on, is why you're such easy bait.

LPT: Never say you don't give a fuck to someone when you actually do, cos you might be speaking to someone who actually doesn't.

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