Which celebrity’s death actually made you cry?

Juice WRLD. He died from an OD on drugs and talked about drug use so much in his music but it felt different than when most other rappers talk about it. On his posthumous “Legends Never Die” album there is a song called Wishing Well with a verse that hits me hard every time. “If it wasn’t for the pills I wouldn’t be here, but if I keep taking these pills I won’t be here, yeah, I just told y’all my secret, it’s tearing me to pieces. I really think I need them. I stop taking the drugs, now the drugs take me.” The thing is, this song was leaked wayyyyy before he died. We knew how he felt and what he was going through mentally. On another song called 734, he has another verse that gets me. “No one cares how I feel, it’s all about making dollar bills, so I feel the same way. No food off pills for the last 3 days. How am I alive I bet you’re amazed” IMO he does have songs that make drug use sound “appealing”, but he has many more songs that show the negative side. Idk, it just hits me sometimes when I remember he isn’t around anymore.

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