Which is the party of racism again?

This shit again.

That was a nice strawman and all but it's universally recognized that southern racists switched to the Republican party because of Johnson's support of the civil rights acts combined with Nixon/Goldwater's strategy to appeal to southern racists.

And if southern whites liked Star Wars, does that make George Lucas a racist?

The fact of the matter is that southern Democrats cared deeply about two big issues: segregation and limited government.

After the idiots of the Democratic Party finally let go of segregation and joined the Republicans in supporting civil rights, these voters were left with mainly limited government as the biggest issue, which given the Democrat love of huge, intrusive, government, drove them to the Republican party, which is the one party that actually cares about the constitution and states rights as enshrined in the constitution, including the 10th amendment.

The ridiculously, laughably, biased article you linked repeatedly refers to these states rights as evidence of Republican racism, which is absurd. Wanting limited government has NOTHING to do with racism, and the Republican Party has never backed re instituting segregation or repealing civil rights. Unlike Democrats, the Republican position on civil rights has never been other than support since the inception.

Yes, the Republican party started out as the party that freed the slaves, but that doesn't mean that from that point on nothing the Republican party does can be racist. Words and labels can change meanings over time. Kinda like how the people who supported small government and free markets used to be called liberals. This entire post is disingenuous and stupid.

Unlike Democrats, the Republican Party has never wavered in its stances on opposing slavery and supporting civil rights and equal rights regardless of race. Both parties have had various members say racist things, but to this day the Republican party is the party of colorblind laws while the Democrats solidly support racial preferences. Clearly, the racists, the ones who try to force-fit race as a factor of everything, are mostly Democrats.

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