White Christians are the most demonized demographic in this country right now

You're funny. You remind me of all the other religious fuckwits that come up with the stupidest conspiracy theories.

Last one I heard was aborted foetus' were used in designer purses. Bet you've helped spread that one haven't ya LOL. Do you also look down when referring to hell, and up for heaven? LOL

Just because it pisses you off soooo much I'm not in any way going to provide any sources. Which in it's self is funny because it's so well talked about all over the internet all the fuck wit religious idiots that voted for trump and are protesting covid lock downs with stupid notions that they have some idiotic religious freedom. Last one being thrown around was sovereign citizen. Bet you've tried that one haven't ya - ya fuckwit.

Ah yes the idiot American… Ya now, troglodytes like you can be described quite well with a distribution curve… You’re about 3 SD from the mean – which is highly exceptional. Don’t know what I mean do ya? Picture a cow side on, head to the left and tail to the right. That’s sort of a natural distribution curve. And you, at 3SD would be considered highly exceptional… Problem is exceptional in statistics is a qualitative measure and thus can be positive, or negative… And, in your case, you’re at the right-hand side of the curve – the ass end, not the brains. Get that champ? Trump lost asshole. Get over it and fuck off back under your rock. Don’t you have a street corner to stand on with an assault rifle to reinforce your idiot amendment rights – inbred fuckwit. Or some, armed to the teeth march to demand your religious freedom to not wear a mask LOL. This is a public service announcement: This is a robo-paste response to the usual fuckwit american that is encountered on Reddit. Have a nice day.

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