"White folks, don't ask me what 'type' of Asian I am, I'm not going to tell you, you lazy fuck"

A lot of the Acts of Oppression made against Asian Americans were made against various European ethnics as well in American history. Treated like dogshit to build the railroads out west (Irish and Chinese - neither group was valued and treated as disposable as both thought of as inferior races, Irish even more so than the Chinese when it came to blowing out tunnels in mountains due to sheer numbers) Banned/limited from immigrating due to xenophobia (Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Russians as well as Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Koreans) Prevented from getting jobs thus inspiring the growth of ethnic enclaves (Irish, Italians, Poles, Chinese, Koreans) Lynched or subjugated to racial violence for "not being white" (Italians, Chinese, Indians) Put into internment camps and heavily discriminated against during wartime (Germans, Japanese)

Obviously, there are other issues Asian Americans went through and different ones that European Americans went through that they don't share but Christ, every goddamn group in America that wasn't Anglo Saxon AND Protestant went through some horrible fucking shit when they first got here - my great grandad had to change his name to a more Anglicised one because he was beat the hell up and near lynched by some idiots in Chicago after he immigrated following WW1 (FROM THE NETHERLANDS) who thought he was a Kraut bastard who killed one of their pals in battle. He built fucking bikes and had to watch the Germans rip apart his entire life's work during the war. He held no prejudices against Germans - he married a German girl who also left during the war for America - he got on with his life and tried to teach people about his Dutch heritage when he could, trying to keep people from being racist to him because of hyped up anti-German sentiment during BOTH WARS (his youngest son, my grandad, was beat up by his unit when he went abroad to France for being able to speak German because of his mother and this was during WW2, never held any prejudices against those guys but goddamn did he hate Russians).

This white people vs POC shit is asinine, nobody will learn anything from anyone due to idiots like this guy who flat out refuse to answer questions that could dispel ignorance.

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