Why do white people suck?

Hey I’m white and can say that I think most white people do suck. Most are so shut off and guarded that they won’t take the time to learn how truly fucked up the system and all of the privileges we do have, they aren’t open minded to undo their prejudices. Even if a white person recognizes their privilege they won’t use it to benefit anyone but themselves. I recommend every white person start reading factual books on the black/person of color experiences (‘why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’ is a good book to start with). I don’t wanna generalize that all white people suck but claiming to “not be racist” or “not be part of the problem” simply isn’t enough in today’s current climate, so as a white person if you don’t speak up and speak out and use your privileges for good for others than to me you do kinda suck.

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