Who should’ve been Sister Abigail? Should ANYONE have been Sister Abigail?

Back in 2017, they had the opportunity to have Erick Rowan return with Sister Abigail like Kane & Paul Bearer. Kane was also meant to have died in the fire. That didn't happen. Then, that Balor feud happened. Killed my interest in the idea. The swamp fight definitely revived it. Making Bliss Sister Abigail who faked her death, creates technical issues. "Sister Abigail's Black Sheep" Braun Strowman would have recognized her, unless they want to spin a story that Braun forced himself to forget everything about the Wyatts so he forgot her, which is stupid. What can be done, & should be, is to make her the successor. We have seen NPC female Wyatt cult members in vignettes & promos occasionally. Alexa could be the successor to Sister Abigail's position, who would herself remain dead.

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