Who's the worst Teacher you've ever had?

I've had 2. Mrs. Ingewood during 4th grade. She was sexist, always treated the girls far better than the boys. One day she let girls leave early after school but kept the boys back for a pretty long time for no reason at all. I remember having one exchange with her that went something like;

Mrs.E: Jenny how many lines have you written?

Jenny: 6 miss.

Mrs. E: Sarah?

Sarah: 5.

Mrs.E: Amy, how many have you written?

Amy: 4

Mrs. E: Death_proofer how many lines have you written?

Me: 8 miss.

Mrs. E: Well get a move on!

Mrs. Sorensen my 7th grade teacher took it to a new level. I had wonderful teachers both male and female in primary school who I got a long with really well but Mrs. Sorensen was out to get me.

One day she asked us to write an essay about what it means to be Australian, I was born in Argentina. I put my hand up and ask "What if you're not Australian?". Her reply was "Maybe you should go back to where you came from".

I was a little shocked and pretty upset. I told my Dad when I got home and he was fucking furious. His reaction was to ring the principal and tell him he's going to be at the school in the morning. He demanded a meeting with the principal, my teacher and myself, it was awkward as shit but it was pretty satisfying seeing my cunt of a teacher back peddle and try to explain how I miss heard her and what she really meant. My Dad went on a tear saying how he didn't come to Australia to experience this shit and how he works hard and doens't leech off the government. She was never nice to me and all of a sudden she was asking me questions like "oh do you speak Spanish at home?" in a gentle voice and smiling. The principal was pretty embarrassed and had to have a private word with the teacher. Fuck that 2 faced bitch.

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