WIBTA if I told my friend that I don't like her album?


music taste is subjective and you only have your roommate’s opinion to back you up on this. however, giving an honest opinion when it’s asked for is not being an asshole. but i wouldn’t word it like you have by saying she’s chasing the wrong dream. bring it up kindly and have a genuine talk about the music itself and potentially hiring more professionals/known producers or something that work well within her genre/vocals. idk the music technical terms but you get the idea.

i say that we need more information because: has she sent this album out to other people? what are the responses to the album in general? who listens to it? does she have a lot of monthly listeners? how does your music taste stack up in comparison to the music shes making? spotify also has stats for artists so they can track this. also, music is a tough industry all around and unless the album is inappropriate or controversial, i wouldn’t say it’s going to destroy her life or anything to have a crappy trial album lying around on spotify. i’m sure you could delete it if you’re right about it being crappy.

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