[WP] An average high school student has two personalities that switch randomly; One that causes him to be an insane killer, and the other that causes him to be an ace detective. When he unknowingly kills the CEO of a worldwide megacorporation, his detective mode decides to investigate the murder.

It was suppose to be a peaceful day. The weather outside was fair, people moved peacefully down the streets. The city was buzzing. The evening sky was setting and a special event was taking place at the four Seasons hotel. It was to be an important night, George Henry Scarn, a wealthy business man and local hero was suppose to deliver the key note speech to hundreds of invited guests at the annual be a hero dinner sponsored by the local rotary club. People made their way into the ball room. Not a single voice could be picked out of the hundred conversations happening.

I awoke in the employee office on the third floor still in uniform. My head was spinning and I lifted myself off the floor. I must have passed out for a few minutes. I had just finished my finals at school earlier that day and I was in a daze. My head was pounding, I reached into my vest for an aspirin, instead I found a room card that read 777. I didn't make much of it. I put the card back in my vest. The phone started ringing, feeling like I had just been punched in the face I slowly made my way to the other side of the room. I picked up the phone, it was the hotel chef. He mentioned that a room service order was ready for pick up.

I made my way to the kitchen. As I opened the door the chef was in rage. He said he had been calling for me for the last 30 minutes to deliver the order to room 777. I apologized and as I was thinking of something to say he handed me the tray and told me to get going.

I got on the elevator and headed up to the seventh floor. I approached room 777, I knocked three times. There was no answer. I waited for what must have been a minute. Suddenly I noticed a red mark on the door handle. I set the tray down and started playing close attention to the mark. I put my hand in my vest and started reaching for my glasses when I suddenly remembered I had the room card.

I decided I would just leave the tray in the room. I slid the room card and carefully turned the handle. The room was dark and it seemed lifeless. I picked up the tray and set it down on the side room table. The bathroom door was closed but the light inside was flashing.

I sensed I had just entered a crime scene. I reached into my back pocket for my handy pair of latex gloves(I always carry a pair) I knocked on the bathroom door. There was no response. I turned the door handle. I could see a trail of blood that lead to the tub. I moved the shower curtain and.......

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