Wikileaks supporters 'are behind massive cyber attack on US': Website urges its supporters to stop 'taking down the US internet' because 'Mr Assange is still alive' amid massive ongoing cyber attacks

I posted this in a couple other threads... don't want people to buy into this:

I think WikiLeaks has been compromised. This Tweet discredits WikiLeaks by affiliating it (indirectly) with a cyber attack against the US.

If I am right, expect to see very uncharacteristic and perhaps militant posts throughout the next couple weeks. Even false info.

My reply to the other thread:

WikiLeaks would never take even indirect credit or affiliate itself with any kind of attack, physical or cyber. It discredits them.

That is why it worries me that this was tweeted. Makes me afraid their Twitter has been compromised. That or whoever the new editor is since Assange is cut off the net, is a total fucking idiot.

If they are compromised then is compromised too, or the official site would come forward and say "hey, they have our twitter."

Also, there was no groaning at all in 4chan that Anon even was theorized to be involved. This really smells.

Which scenario is most likely?

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