So with L337-bot I've got something to say~

Okay, horrified, or mortified, doesn't mean he sympathized. Feel me?

I couldn't give a hoot about Disney. Did Disney make this movie? I didn't know. This isn't anthropomorphizing L3. Let us get that straight. They could have done that, but they didn't. They went past that and created an abomination, which is what I'm getting at. That is why your conscience naturally rebels against the character (who is ironically a "rebel"). It has nothing to do with liberal values or radicalized ideology or even that she has a female voice. It has to do with the fact that they are making blue-red, or cold-hot. It is a paradoxical creation, and thus it is inherently flawed (as a piece of fiction).

And yes, sexual depravity has no place in a movie whose primary audience will be children. Psychotherapists are morally bankrupt themselves for the most part and human sexual relations are reserved for a man and a woman within the confines of marriage. Just saying.

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