With the news of Goldust possibly retiring...

I wanted 3 matches between them. Goldust accidentally eliminate Stardust or Stardust eliminates goldust on purpose. Goldust vs Stardust on Raw. Have Goldust win by roll up or something like that.

Next Raw Stardust comes out and washes his face of paint while talking about how he did whatever he could to make his brother like him. So he dressed like a prat and acted like a goof. The mostly paintless Stardust squashes a jobber and kills them with a chair. As ring announcer announces Stardust the winner. He snatches the microphone from her hand and says he was never Goldust he has always been Cody Rhodes.

Fastlane: Goldust vs Cody Rhodes. Cody wins relativly clean. Goes to beat down Goldust but Dusty comes down to stop him. Cody hits Dream as Goldust runs to help his dad. Cody realises he has gone too far and walks away in shock.

Next raw: Cody apologises to Dream and Goldust. Dream says he helped Cody become the star he is today and even though he hurt him. He loves his son. This makes Cody mad. Cody became a star on his own. He didnt need help from his fat dad and his freak brother. He was successful in spite of them not because of them. Cody spits on dream and leaves the ring.

Cody is in a match for IC contendership and Goldust interferes beats down Cody and begins wiping off his paint whike cutting a promo saying how cody cant disrespect the family name and legacy like that. He says Goldust is dead. But Dustin Rhodes is more than happy to defend the family honour. Now paintless Dustin asks Cody for a match at wrestlemania. Cody refuses to fight an oap at mania and leaves.

Cody comes out the following week and challenges Goldust but he wants both of their careers on the line Goldust refuses to retire his younger brother and says if he loses he'll leave on his own. No stipulation needed.

Wrestlemania: Dustin w Dream vs Cody. Long fairly respectful match. Cody wins. Cody looks conflicted. dustin stands up and puts his hand out to shake it. Cody hugs his older brother in a nice wrestlemania moment before spinning the hug into Crossroads and laughing at his pathetic brother.

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