Women and the Art of Lying

Anyone and everyone lies. It's not simply lying. It's how convincing the lie is. How effortless it is. Is it a small lie or a toxic lie? Most guys are so fucking obviously lying when they lie, people call them on their shit even when they're not. Men are held to account from childhood. Girls aren't, they've always had a free pass. Women cake the make-up on. Big bold fucking neonatal baby eyes. Lip gloss, donning a cute little dress and rocking that innocent look. They get away with fucking murder. Water tears on command if you see past their shit. If the facade fails and she doesn't get a pussy pass, all she has to do is cry to have a get out of jail free.

Women are so devoid of rationale they can fucking delude themselves into believing their own bullshit enough to convincingly lie to others about it. None of those things are superpowers your average guy has. Granted some guys are naturally smooth liars/DT's whatever, but if we generalise most men fucking suck at lying and get scrutinised. Most women are good at lying and everybody takes their word at face value (the women are wonderful effect and halo effect in place I suspect.)

You can't compare little billy lying about eating his vegetables to little tammy who lied to the teacher that billy called her a name and got him put into detention. Bitches lie on a whole other level, it's a survival mechanism for them because their bodies are weak as shit and they can't hurt a fly. Most guys don't tell harmful lies and even when they do, suck at concealing the true nature of things. Women on the other hand? It's like a pathological ability for them. Delude, dissociate, bullshit themselves, bullshit you. Get indignant. Water works. That's the fundamental distinction to be made here. Women on average are expert social manipulators, men on average fucking pale in comparison.

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