Women of Reddit what was your high school experience like?

Started with an abusive relationship, spent the next three years with the love of my life. I knew a lot of people and like to talk to a lot of people but it never really felt like I had friends. My boyfriend (now husband) was and is my best friend and we spent all the time we could together. I know for most people this isn’t great but we have always been happiest together. Believe me, lots of people had a lot of things to say about it.

Outside of school itself I had a lot of family issues going on that caused a lot of emotional turmoil for me so I guess high school wasn’t my complete focus like it was for a lot of people. I didn’t bother with extra events other than prom. I also had a lot of self esteem issues because of these things and was kind of awkward (probably undiagnosed ADHD, I’m looking into it now)

Anyways, there’s a lot that I’m embarrassed about myself in high school but I’m really happy with my life now so. I’m happy it’s over. :)

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