[WON] Details on the Pollyanna-Ospreay claims

Really interesting point here that no one brought up but I will. This sort of proves that IWL were most likely fabricating their story. The venue that IWL couldn't afford to lose was the Resistance Gallery in the UK, which first started accepting wrestling bookings in 2015 and only accepts very minor indies (their primary company being Pro Wrestling EVE) with the show that Renfrew/Pollyanna supposely got cancelled off was IWL Untitled July 2018 (the only show from around the time period of the email). Will Ospreay has not only never worked a match in the Resistance Gallery, he has no personal affiliation with any of the companies that run shows there, "Ospreay is our boy" seems very unlikely coming from a venue that has never even had him wrestle a show there, let alone draw a house.

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