Do I work at a puppy mill?

An idealist rarely wins the argument. Humans have and will always have a relationship with other animals. You really think that if cloning “healthy” animals became the norm that it wouldn’t be a step closer to only cloning “healthy” humans? That’s one step closer to eugenics and a completely ableist society. Oh, the tangled web we weave. Parts of the human experience are not in separate boxes, but more like separate threads woven into a very large blanket. Pull at one, and others will unravel. But more on your stated view: if you are so against “companion prostitutes” why would you even think cloning more of them is ok? Wouldn’t it be better for your viewpoint for us as a society, to round up EVERY domesticated animal, spay and neuter them, let them go extinct, and starve out a large percentage of our population so that small-operation, plant-based only agriculture can sustain us?

Every culture that has ever existed has some kind of relationship with animals. If it weren’t for domestication, we wouldn’t be here with this technology. Take it away now, and many of us would starve and strange “bush-meat” diseases would plague society. People aren’t all going to turn vegan. Ever. People aren’t going to eat “lab-grown” meat or eggs en masse. You take away domestication, say goodbye to a large number of native species. Yeah, I’d imagine deer and rabbit populations would go pretty quickly. People will continue to breed animals. For companionship or consumption of their parts. As cruel as that is to you, at least the native species aren’t being obliterated.

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