Worsening depression

Well we're all glad that kratom works perfectly for you. Do you think that maybe a subreddit full of people desperately trying to quit kratom isn't the best place for you to flaunt how much you love kratom, and how amazing it is? Like, maybe you shouldn't be telling these people, who are trying to quit, that it's actually okay to take kratom? Like I said, I'm glad it works for you and that you're able to moderate your use. But just because you're able to take it responsibly, and just because it helps you, doesn't mean that's the case for everyone else. I'm very aware that there are people who really do need kratom, but I don't think they're on this subreddit. The users on this subreddit are people who have fully committed and decided they want to quit kratom. I mean, these are people who have made a very strong and intentional decision that kratom is just not worth it for them. I just think you need to respect that decision a little more.

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