I am so sick of taking 75+ grams a day. I’m just done.

Don’t say that bro and don’t hurt innocent people ever, would you really want to hurt someone who’s suffering like you? Trauma is what causes this, causing other people pain could give them this. Only a handful of people know I suffer from this at all, I look normal on the outside, and there’s a lot of people like that. The world is getting better, every day that you survive is a day closer to a solution that you or someone else finds. Believe it or not no one really talked abt DPDR a year ago, and today I’ve noticed a lot more mention on social media forums. Things take time. Therapy man. In person therapy not of that virtual stuff, you need to talk with someone. Take my advice: exercise, clean up your diet, don’t be so hard on yourself/love yourself no matter what you have done, focus on something else (no more obsessing), and therapy! Make the world better man, you are here to be apart of that.

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