(serious) Who is the person you connected with but haven't contacted for one way or another and wish them the best?

An old friend I had.

Back in kindergarten, I became friends with someone. We used to hang out every weekend, usually more on breaks from school. We both managed to go to college near each other so we still saw each other. Then in 2006, he told me he got a job across the country. He told me he would call me when he settled in at his new place to give me his new number and address. He never did. After the first few months to a year, I just kept thinking he's just still settling in. Then after a year or so, I got more and more worried, and that's when I started to try to contact him for myself. I never found any new phone numbers and I never found him on any social media. For most of the past 16 years, I've been keeping an eye out for him just in case if he finally created a profile on something. I don't have any of his family member's numbers because they all moved away and I don't have any of their contact info and he was the only person who has my number.

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