[WP] You, an observer of fate, have seen many realms. This one is strange though... the hero has been defeated by a small child; protecting her mother's grave from the hero. Your heart moved, for the first time you reach out, to comfort the girl. Just once, you won't just observe.

"It's just something I have to do," muttered the hero after slowly retreating to a corner whilst arguing with a little girl.

"Listen. There's something I need from that grave and I have to get it now. Do you even understand what I've been saying? I am a hero. It's a hero's job to do protect the mass. Your little whimsy drama about respecting the grave of your long lost mother doesn't have any significance to the world. You see, I'm also tired of people always relying on me. So this will be the last task that I'm going to do before I finally go back to my island. Now, get away from that grave," said the hero while staring at the ragged girl scrambling at her mother's grave. She was around 8 or so. Thin. Weak. Pathetic. A typical victim of poverty.

"I neither care about you nor your grave. I just want the thing. Now, go!" The hero shouted after finally losing control of its temper but the girl didn't move. A strong gush of wind came displaying the difference of power between the two. An enormous aura engulfed the surrounding area. The trees shook violently. Thunderclaps were suddenly heard. A cluster of dark clouds suddenly gathered above the lonesome forest. A single droplet of rain first touched the girl's dark face but it just blended in with her tears. Few more minutes passed. Then the rain poured at last, after several months of not showing itself, causing the small number of crops they had to die.

"I'll be back tomorrow. You better not be here by then." The hero finally retreated, leaving a girl drenched in the rain. "It's your fault for being weak."

After waiting for the hero's figure to disappear, the girl slowly looked at her mother's grave and smile. "I'm able to save yours, mother." As she drifted away from reality, you emerged from the background to meet her.

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