[WP] "THE ENEMY APPROACHES, RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" The gate to the kraken den rises, as the kraken comes out, tentacles raised, before speaking. "I'm......Free? I'm Freeee!" The Kraken then swims off into the sunset.

He goeth there, in all his glory Hark the angels, in all their fury For he plunged the heavens and earthly realm With his inky squirming, never to return.

The dark he created, the sea he left behind The wise old men all stood aside And watched the harbinger, descend into the light Freed from his shackles, home to his wife.

Captured once, as a tiny small worm Prepared for the war, prepared to turn The enemy sidelines red with blood Instead he left and had a good laugh.

And all he left was a mess of stride Heaven and earth was still alive But for years to come, the stains remained Until the day when they're finally erased.

(English is not my native language so there might be some iffy parts in the poem that don't fit, I'm grateful for your feedback)

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